Also known as frequently asked questions

What is the weather going to be like?
There are professionals who do weather predictions. We’re not them.
Is this a Boston Qualifier?
It’s winter. It’s paved trails but there may be two feet of snow on them. But the course is certified. So, yes, if you can finish in a BQ time it’s a Boston Qualifier.
Will there be finishers’ medals and shirts?
This marathon is managed by professionals. We’ll have Gatorade and water too.
Will there mile markers and aid stations on the course?
There are 4 mile markers on the course.
Can we wear costumes?
We’re not going to discourage it. You can run naked for all we care.
Will there be a live groundhog?
Maybe. Maybe some dead ones too.
Is this a walker friendly race?
Walker friendly, yes. But there’s no early start available. So walk fast please before we all freeze while waiting for you.
Where’s the course map?
Right HERE.
Where will the parking be?
Approximately 200 spaces will be available on site. More space will be available at John Ball Park. Shuttles from the parking lot to the race. And shuttles back to the parking lot too, just because we got so many complaints last year.


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